I remember those days when I went round  my neighbourhood sending out informal invitations for  “my birthday party” as I called it. If you were the  child I invited, you would  probably think my  parents  made a direct invitation to you; but truth is – they  didn’t.

As my  birthday drew closer  I often thought that to secure new clothes , shoes, gift items and the show of love, I had to do my best to ensure my big day was celebrated. But what was my best? Going round the streets close by and telling the children I could see to get to my home at so so time on the 2nd of August.

That was because I knew that once my parents hear that people have been invited, they would stretch out to save the day, first by booking the photographer, buying some drinks,  rice, getting new clothes , taking care of my hair if need be and making me fit for the day or should I say the camera.

Growing up, I realized how selfish my actions had been, I thought I deserved the Love more than they deserved Understanding; because whether or not my parents had the money I didn’t care, all I needed was a treat on my birthday and that was -not being considerate. I have learnt that life should be lived not  just for ourselves but for the people around us;  by getting to understand their  opinion, feelings, fears and committing ourselves  to  be a blessing to them  because that’s the essence of life itself.

So, While we count our years through the earth, I think our greatest memories after we are gone, will be the ones in the hearts of men especially that of our family members. We may not be all perfect but we can do the little we can by seeking first to be a  blessing to them rather than being blessed.