“I’m sorry ma’am, we’ve tried our best and can’t help you.”  She kept hearing these words everywhere she went on her journey in search for help that it resounded like chorus to the melody of her pain. For twelve years she has been stuck in the search for healing.

Since  her family  told her they could no longer bear her mess, she had packed her bags to fate lane and where that would lead to, she couldn’t tell. She was done with family and thought friends will undoubtedly  help but year after year, from Mr.A to Mr B no one could be of help.

A man’s world from the far east also crumbled before his eyes with the words “All your children are dead.” Dead? Before he got the response he was told his entire lives investment have been dashed in fire. Horrible! His life looked like it was folding up like a mat with all his goodness and he suffered so much that his wife said “Curse God and die”.

These two people lost their identity, sense of living and relevance. All that mattered to them was snatched in the midst of dreaded storms and prolonged pain but I love this part of the story- ” Daughter your faith has made you whole.” The words that came from the Prince of Peace ; it changed the woman and brought her to the center of relevance. These were the words she got only by believing and persisting to have a personal experience with the master. Today we call  her the woman with the issue of blood but that’s not all we know about her, we also know her as the woman who got her miracle through pressing on by faith and though her life had been shattered in broken pieces, she was made whole.

These same words from the master still mends shattered lives, just like it did to brother Job after a tempestuous season in his life . Only God could patiently craft out beauty from the storms. It ended with the saying ” And the lord blessed the later days of Job more than the beginning”

So right now, even as a teenager you could be shattered and all messed up; thinking everything you’ve worked for is crumbling before your face.It could be a very troubling time but my question is will you be willing to trust God and let His words become real to you?