Our roles in life seem to revolve as time and environment changes. At different phases in life we are expected to be better children to our parents, good brothers/sisters, concerned neigbours, faithful lovers, effective workers, and the list continues.

Life keeps making demands on us to play certain roles and fit in without fault. So every day presents to us, a part of the numerous goals to meet, people to satisfy, dreams to turn realities and more.

We sometimes have lot of things to do that we do not know the right ones to do per time and may also have numerous roles to play at different phases of our lives that we may innocently cheat the major roles.

So why this write-up?

Disregarding all other factors, sometimes the most frequently used measure of a man’s life is usually his length of years (Start-Finish).  And the things he paid attention to, decisions he made, privileges he accepted or ignored would be determining factors to his fulfillment while he lived.

If man’s days are like vapour and his length of years unpredictable, we would have to learn to be more directed and fulfilled each given day so that we would not spend the later years of our lives in regret and dissatisfaction wishing we had done more when we had time and strength.

We may have pending activities and long to-do list as we wake each morning to meet. Still, these activities need to be carefully filtered and given their proper timing and priority else we could be caught up with activities, feed distractions and consequently starve the things that matter most to us (things most relevant and rewarding) and then would be like a  soccer player on the field dribbling through with the ball in the wrong direction, missing targets and scoring no goals.

But that is not the kind of life we want to live or is it? A life that wanders round circles, has more wishes than wills, more fantasies than actions?

To ensure we make each time useful and profitable, just maybe one of the things we would need to do is – check out for those things in our lives that spell the word “essential” our purpose on earth, career, relationships  as the case may be, and give them the attention they deserve. This would help us live more fulfilled lives. Because truth be told, if we keep servicing the wrong things (distractions) and pay less attention to the things we know deep down matter more, we would be on the losing side and just like grooming the weeds in the garden and ignoring the fruit tree, we would in a long run have no positive results.

So now we  are not using walking aids  and still have strength, let us work each day while we have one and make each year of our lives profitable cause we do not know how much time we have left. So that we will not have wishes and regrets in our old age or even while in the grave.

As easy as it seems, it could sometimes be difficult to get our walk right especially when we get stocked with so many things that even the distractions look pretty much like the needful. This could be the reason

Proverbs 3:5 admonished that we trust in the LORD with all our heart and lean not to our understanding but  should acknowledge Him in all our ways and He will direct our path.

So, who fails when God leads? There have never been nor will ever be one of such.

Every teenager needs to be led…