Fictions and thrillers could appear so real that we can sometimes be overwhelmed by the writer’s imagination. He describes the curly hair of the fat dark girl who could say a million words in one second and sometimes we thoughtfully feel the described character around us but do they truly ever become real?

The world of fantasies and imagination are sometime so appealing that if we are not conscious, we could be trapped in it and lose out of the realities.

As teenagers, we have lost of wishes for our lives; some of us want to be excellent in every area of life, we want to have beautiful homes, a stable and secured society, we want to live our dreams and walk in our visions and these are all beautiful aspirations. However, if we must ask, when does the future really start? Someone would say at 20, 30, 40 or 55 years of age and if that is true, what would be said of young achievers who created tremendous impact in their world and lived fulfill life even at a tender age.

I think that if we are not mindful, our wishes and fantasies can rob us of our future. We may be carried away by wishes that we forget to work with what we have in the present.

Today was yesterday’s future and tomorrow is today’s future. Our future is the morrow we are yet to meet and to have the beautiful future we so wish, we will have to work to get there. We will have to learn to live with the realities, the present. It is true that we were born great, it is true we have a wonderful future but how  prepared are we to meet that great future? How are we working today to fit that future?

Jesus Christ our savior had been foretold a long time ago before He came. He knew He came to set humanity free from the weights of the enemy, He was aware of His purpose and future of glorious triumph over the enemy but he did not fold his arms to await his future, He rather worked (prepared) to meet success. He often went to the mountain to pray and put in conscious efforts to fulfill His assignment here on earth.  

Friends, we have to use the best of our strength and resources today to make our future worthwhile. We all have a hope for a better tomorrow but the reality is that we have to get in that position today where we can access our beautiful future.

Joseph did not just find himself in the palace he moved from the pit to the prison and then to the palace and at every step to his destiny he was preparing himself to fit in.

Where do you see your life in the next twenty years? How are you preparing to fit in? Start doing something today that will align you to the kind of future you desire.

Teens let us face the realities.