Ha-ha-ha-ha: How would I have ever thought that of myself? You would not help but laugh each time I attempt to bend my back and make a move to the sound of music. I don’t know where that came from but somehow I had this “I can’t dance!” believe and somehow too it became real, “I really could not dance” until I had to consciously change that. But then the reality is somehow the thoughts we habour in our minds have a way of influencing the realities we see. When we believe “we can, we have, we deserve” we tend to see them work out and when we think “we can’t, it’s impossible, nothing is going to work” the same plays back to us in a way.

It seem to me like there are somethings we will not be able to grasp if we do not consciously think them to reality and it is as though demanded that if we would move a step further, we will have to practically   work on our minds and direct them to the possibilities we hope to receive.  When bound with the chains of “No one is doing it” “Nothing is going to change” “There is no hope left”. When gripped with fear and numerous excuses not to learn more, expand or even press further and when deceived with the concept of “Fate will bring it my way”, “Luck will click it somehow”, the possible results will then be stagnation and ineffectiveness.

Away from the norms, I think one of the things common among the people who made and those who are still making tangible contributions to the world is the ability to break the law of conformity and think possibilities. That ability to conquer the limits of the mind and open up to new ideas and not stop there but by God’s grace work to make real those possibilities.

Therefore, now the countdown is before us, I believe one of the things we should not ignore is the state of our minds. We need to look back and address the likely things limiting us from stepping in to wear the shoes that fit us so well in this generation, the things hindering us from reaching the heights we ought to. They could be general believes, fears, guilt, self-created impossibilities, the “I can’t”, “Nobody has ever done it” believes, the ignorance and the “am too weak, too old, too young” excuses. These are things we need to get rid of and become free to make advances.

The bottom line is, for the advances we will need to make and the victories we will need to win now and in the new phase, we need to loosen up our minds from every junk believe that had held it bound and set out for the possibilities we anticipate their realities.

For certainly we can be better people, we can make advances, we can be a cause of something new and add to our selves and society if we learn and master the art of right believing.

And yes! If you have been doubting all this while and it isn’t working why not try believing, trusting and trusting even more.