“But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we are all the work of thy hand.” Isaiah 64:8 (KJV)
I know potters to be very creative and patient people; they determine the type of clay that suits the desired product and they follow through each process to ensure the fine product in their imagination becomes an appreciable edifice.
Take a peep into the potter’s studio, and you will notice the patience they put into each phase of the work- Modelling and design, clay type selection, mixing, jiggering, slip casting, glazing and firing.
Notably, the mixture and type of clay selected largely determines the quality/outcome of the pottery work and because of that, the potter pays close attention to the process of selecting the right type and composition of clay in order that the best choice is made for the expected product.
All through the creation process of the earth and all that is in it; the light, firmament, plant, animals and more significantly, man’s creation we see the ingenuity of God in bringing forms together and creating life that will portray His excellence and glory. Just as every skilled potter pays attention to the quality of clay to be used to give not just a fine product, but also a product that will fit its purpose, our God – creator and potter- whose masterpiece we are, paid extra attention to the “clay” He used for our creation. He had intentions for every of His work and knew just the right composition of clay-Endowments, dispositions, abilities, features- that would produce the intended edifice. So, all through the processes (mixing the clay, jiggering, firing as supposed) to the final stage of breathing life into our nostrils He was intentional and proactive.
When we understand the dexterity put into our creation and the attention paid to every process that led to our existence, we will have no reason to doubt that our creation is exceptional and perfect. He made us from the clay He personally selected to meet the excellence and splendor in His mind, He fine-tuned us, and as a final remark about His creation work He said, “It is good”. For this reason, I glory in Him and I am confident being the Lord’s masterpiece.
Moreover, it doesn’t just stop there, I am also privileged to be a perfect work of genius and sacrifice that continually reflects His beauty and splendor even as I keep submitting to His will and trusting in His expertise; I move on the earth radiating and showing forth beauty for His praise.