So this is how I got bothered about the very things that mattered to me and got more troubles coming. Thinking of the fact that we were born naked, already signed in to doom by the first man himself, confirmed for destruction and had no hope at all accompanying our birth. The antecedent of the stolen victory, the mission that had been thwarted and ooh! but all the slavery the antagonists had put us into.
We had been caged to a prison we had no idea of its entrance, we had been victims even when we were not part of the war, we had been sold to slavery even before our fetus got forming, the transaction of our lives had been made back there in Eden.
And then we are born to an empty space with or without someone to care, not knowing the things that will come our way and well, time had passed from that day till today.
Born with no records, nothing said about us unless for those that had a prophesied birth, not anyone had any idea of the least information about us until we came, then people could recognize our looks, voice, attitude and features, but then it remains that we came with blank pages to earth, our stories were not told or heard, and we had no records. Still as it is, since that born-day till today those pages had built content, everyday taking its line and sentences. Not to think about the page number, for no one really knows the recent page but we know that each day opens a new one that approaches the end.
So what do we do? What contents should we consciously allow to align in those pages that even when the last page is closed the inner pages could still be revisited in remembrance, for one thing is sure: we would be judged for the things that we allowed to happen within those pages. These were the very things I pondered on because as it seems, they were certain things we could not control, things that just happened in our lives that we do not bargain, whether or not they are for our good.
Regardless of these things, there are things we could ensure they be found within those pages. But am just thinking “would it be a bad idea, if we start writing our biographies while we live?”
Wouldn’t there be things we will do differently if we are conscious of the fact that the biography the world will read after we all gone, can be written and changed while we are yet here through the contents we build up every day with our words, actions, beliefs, attitude, relationships, lifestyle and contributions to the society?
When we were born the pages were blank, as the day goes it accumulates contents and builds up to the last page, but just when the last page is closed… who knows what next?
While we had been robbed of everything even before we came, God still had a preplan for redemption and restoration that we be given even more, and as the pages flip to the next new page, one thing we can do to get things straight, is to cooperate with the one who gives restoration, the one that loves us. For stories go wild, when the things we cannot control set in, when anxiety comes and fear grips our bones for the things we do not know, One thing would always be sure, He would set things right and help us work out every page for a better one. So that as the last page gets closer we would be bold like brother Paul to say “ I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” and those words would not just end with us because the world would be a better testifier to that confession even when our last page is closed.