For a while, I had been looking through the mirror and the reflection stared directly at me. I’ve been thinking of how perfect I would have been if I were just a little taller or had a much fairer skin. I know of some other people like me, who also had their list of imperfections, and thought that if they were much darker or shorter they would be more confident and satisfied. Each day, we unknowingly drained our strength and confidence by accumulating the list by either discontentment with our heights, complexion, pimpled face, short or long hair, big or small eyeballs, too many beards or no beards. We innocently had many perceived faults in our looks and life in general that caused unpleasantness, self-hatred, depression, low self-esteem which were all perfect consequences of a poor self-image.
That day however, after a long gaze at the mirror, and harboring series of dissatisfying thoughts in mind, I felt so angry and frustrated for the fact that nothing else could be done (I could definitely do nothing to add an inch to my height). Moreover, even if that could happen, would I be able to change everything I had accumulated over time?
While I was pondering and thinking a question came to my mind – “If you were given the privilege on creation day to choose your physique, family background, country, gender and all other things about you, do you think you would have made the right choices?”-
The obvious answer to that question stunned me because it occurred to me that I clearly would not have made the right choices. I would have made blunders and a big mess of myself and I now know that if given such privilege my response would be “Lord! Go ahead in the creation process because you are a perfect designer and I trust your choice for my physique, parents, family background, country, etc.”
Truth is we cannot even create ourselves. We do not know the science that turns mere dust to human flesh, but God knows, and only gave us the privilege to share in His nature and breath. Regardless of our looks, deformities from birth or by accident, the fact remains that we were all created in God’s image and likeness. We have His nature regardless of our gender, country and history.
So that day, I decided to turn to the other side of the mirror and to see myself the way God sees me. I made the decision to change perspectives and dumped my old list of too short, too slim, too this and that. And I started a new list with the title “Simply Perfect”. I learned to accept daily that I was created perfect, beautiful, enchanting, just the way I am and even more I learnt that it is not my physical looks or even my family background that qualifies me but the beauty of Christ which is made possible by believing in Christ and yielding to the Holy Spirit. In this new side of the mirror I see someone who is loved enough to be died for, I see one who is cherished by the God of all universe. I see beauty even as I look more into the word of God- the perfect mirror to look upon for assurance and liberty.