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Simply Perfect!

For a while, I had been looking through the mirror and the reflection stared directly at me. I’ve been thinking of how perfect I would have been if I were just a little taller or had a much fairer skin. I know of some other people like me, who also had their list of imperfections,


So this is how I got bothered about the very things that mattered to me and got more troubles coming. Thinking of the fact that we were born naked, already signed in to doom by the first man himself, confirmed for destruction and had no hope at all accompanying our birth. The antecedent of the


“But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we are all the work of thy hand.” Isaiah 64:8 (KJV) I know potters to be very creative and patient people; they determine the type of clay that suits the desired product and they follow through each process

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The words God spoke to Adam the first man and the things He placed him in the position to do after creation, are very significant because they express the original intention of God for a peaceful, successful and enjoyable stay on the earth. Recorded in Genesis 1:28 is God’s first charge to man after creation

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Fictions and thrillers could appear so real that we can sometimes be overwhelmed by the writer’s imagination. He describes the curly hair of the fat dark girl who could say a million words in one second and sometimes we thoughtfully feel the described character around us but do they truly ever become real? The world

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Misplaced Priorities

Our roles in life seem to revolve as time and environment changes. At different phases in life we are expected to be better children to our parents, good brothers/sisters, concerned neigbours, faithful lovers, effective workers, and the list continues. Life keeps making demands on us to play certain roles and fit in without fault. So

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Born-day Lessons

I remember those days when I went round  my neighbourhood sending out informal invitations for  "my birthday party" as I called it. If you were the  child I invited, you would  probably think my  parents  made a direct invitation to you; but truth is - they  didn't. As my  birthday drew closer  I often thought

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