After a sudden attack had destroyed the place he called his home, Mr. Young sea turtle relocated to this ocean and finally got a place of comfort. He enjoyed every bit of his new environment; the warm and serene nature of the water, the diverse beautifully coloured aquatic plants, other creatures and mostly the beautiful school of fishes that passed by his new home every day. The first time he noticed the fishes, he could not help but stare courteously until they completely vanished from his sight because he loved what his eyes beheld and pondered how a creature could be that beautiful. The next day, some minutes to the time the fishes passed on the previous day, Mr. Young sea turtle positioned himself at just the right point to have a full gaze of the beautiful creatures if and only if heaven would bring them his way. “I am the luckiest guy, I am the luckiest guy” he made a song from those words as he sighted the fishes who appeared even more beautiful from a distance, just at the right time; it seems heaven had really favoured him. As they came closer to the full view of this young turtle, he really admired them. Day after day, he noticed that the fishes routinely passed through that path which was just very close to his home and he gladly made out time to watch the fishes pass by each day, which added great delight to his stay in the river.
Back home he had enough food, comfort, and all he needed that he barely realized there was more to life than fun. After the fishes had gone, he went in search for food and gathered the ones that would be enough for him. He was very happy and grateful until something different began to happen inside of him. He began to ask questions like “Why did God create me differently?” “Why was I not one of those fine fishes everyone admired?” He began to think less of himself and frequently looked at himself searching out for reasons why he was not good enough. Mr. Young sea turtle could not help himself anymore, he had a perfect image of those fishes on his mind and to him, he was no match in compared to the fishes; he felt like God had cheated him along the line or perhaps one creature was more favoured than the other was. He had different thoughts that came up with different unanswered questions and this gradually weighed him down. The once happy, enthusiastic young sea turtle became a depressed dump who lost interest in every other thing. He didn’t eat or take it easy with himself; he only lay on his bed complaining and hoping to be changed to probably one of those fishes.
Hours turned to days and days, weeks but nothing changed until his day of miracle came.
He thought no one knew him because he was just a new neighbour but this sudden knock at his door at the early hours of the day was strange to him. “Walk in if you care” he sounded rude, but the visitor who was one of the fishes he admired every morning did not mind but stepped in. Astonished by his sight and thinking that maybe it was the set time for his long awaited miracle, he went on to ask the visitor “Are you here to rescue me?’’ The fish rather gazing and confused at what the turtle meant by his question managed to stutter, “I really admire your smile and enthusiasm, I keep wondering about how God created such exceptional creature and gave it the ability to swim without fins. Your presence each morning inspires and gladdens my heart but in recent weeks, I have not seen you and that’s why I decided to check on you today to be sure you are fine before I catch up with my friends.”
Did he hear that? Did Mr. Young sea turtle hear he was a wonder and an inspiration to another without knowing? Sure, he did, and that surprised him the more, but how will he save his face from this young tender fish for his earlier reaction, he questioned himself and finally said “Ooh thanks for your concern Miss Fish. I know I’m one of God’s finest creatures on earth; I am totally fine and tomorrow, I’ll be out to wave good morning to you.” Perfect words of escape he thought, as the fish whispered, “I’ll be glad to see you” and left. Afterwards, the turtle winked to himself and thought how foolish he was not to know that he should never have compared himself with anyone else. He should have known that even as he admired some other creature, other creatures too admire him for his uniqueness. Mr. Young sea turtle learnt the big lesson, which is to discover, love, cherish, respect and forgive himself so that he can live being who he was created to be without regrets.